What's up with Allergies: How to adjust group snacks for allergies.

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. My daughter LOVES going! Last year was so memorable, that she was asking when she could go again.

Thankfully, our church leaders have been very, very accommodating with us about the food allergies! This is how I approach the snack swap-out at our group event:

1. Ask the director how they plan on dealing with allergies and if they're open to you helping with the food.
2. If they are open to you helping, ask for the snack plan for the week.
3. For your child's class/group, figure out substitutions. Work with another parent if their child has allergies, too.
4. Propose these substitutions for the whole class if possible. If your plan requires food more expensive than the original group plan, offer to donate the snacks.
5. Work with the teacher to handle perishables.

Some substitutes that I like:
-Cheddar Bunnies for Goldfish
-Fruit leathers for Fruit Roll-ups
-Chocolate chips for candy
-TJ's water crackers or pita crackers for crackers

Of course, many things require homemade substitutions: cupcakes, cookies, icing, breads, dressings, etc. Some things are very easy substitutions: a certain brand of chips works or a brand of graham cracker works.

With a little advanced planning, your allergy child should be able to eat with all the other kids, too!

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