Make it at home: Homemade "Healthy" Donuts

We made donuts for the first time ever!!! It was very satisfying and yummy! But, honestly, it was a little stressful. I'm not used to frying things. In fact, I can honestly say I'm not sure I've ever fried something. I was terrified the oil was going to spill out and burn me or my daughter (who I threatened not to come near). 

I worked through my fear and made delicious donuts! I used the recipe in the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a day cookbook for (moderately) healthy donuts. I also used the same dough to make some crescent rolls and a loaf of bread. If you haven't tried this cookbook before, you should look into it. The method for making the bread is very different from ones I've used in the past. It makes bread making very convenient. If you decide to try your hand at these, I recommend waiting until you've got enough people to eat the whole batch. They don't last very long at all.

I fried them in small batches.

I drained them on paper towels on a cooling rack.

While hot, I tossed them into the sugar bath.

And then....I tried desperately to keep my daughter from eating too many!!