Friday's Food Plan I don't have a working oven or stove. It hasn't been working since last Tuesday. I won't bore you with the frustrating details. This means I don't have the interest to make a menu plan. Right now, we're eating whatever we can that cooks in a microwave, George Forman grill, or toaster oven. We've survived for over a week, but my interest in cooking in any of these ways is gone. Gone.

On a happier food note, I harvested more herbs today. The plants were massive and I had to cut them back just so that they wouldn't shade the flowers in the planters who wanted sun!

This picture doesn't begin to give the basil justice! It was an armload of basil!

I hope your oven is working and you have motivation to cook! If my oven gets fixed, I'll be back on board next week!

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