Sunday's So I like: Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Eye Mask (review)

Since I'm traveling, I thought I'd post a product that I like to use when traveling! Eventually, my hope is to post things about cooking products that I like, but we'll get there.

In the meantime, I love my sleep mask. Especially this time of the year when the sun rises so very, very early. This Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured sleep mask is comfortable on you eye lids and lashes. Yes, you look like batman, but the contours really make this mask super wearable. Ideally, the head strap would be slightly softer, but I'm willing to deal with it since the rest of the sleep mask is so comfy. The fabric is very soft.

If you get this, I caution you: the first night or two you wear it, you might wake up hollering since the world's black! My husband had to take it off my head to show me that all was okay with the world. I'd forgotten I was wearing the mask and freaked out when I couldn't see anything! If you break a lamp in the night, don't blame me....I've warned you.

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