Friday Food Plan: Week 3

Oh, boy. Meal planning again! Yes, I know, it gets very boring!

For the next few weeks, I'm off of meal planning. We'll be touring the country, and I'll be using my travel menu planning techniques. Check out the tab on top to see how I do it!

If my bestest, bestest computer guru, will take pitty on me and send me some detailed directions on uploading documents, I'll try to get a folder set-up with my travel menus (hint, hint.....).

In the meantime, I thought I'd mention a tasty snack! My daughter and I like to have Trader Joe's pita crackers topped with goat cheese (sliver chevre from TJ's) and a tidbit of jelly.

Don't forget to check your ingredients....the jelly should actually have fruit, the crackers should mainly be flour and water, and the cheese should be mainly goat's milk with an enzyme or rennet. This is a good protein snack, but it's not a good calcium snack. If you need calcium, try it with mozzarella!

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